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piano teacher at "Roko-P Music"

English teacher at "Roko-P English"

manager and teacher at music schools "Animato Pocket in Saitama/Saga"



My vision is that people become much more happy through music and English.

I teach music and English, using my original music as well, which is very unique.

I have made/arranged songs for various institutions including music schools, English schools, and a kindergarten.

I originally started music school "Animato Pocket" with my partner in Aichi Pref. in 2009, and I recently started a new school in Saitama.

I also have helped various events organized by town/nursery center/restaurant/prefectural park, and had fun with children and their parents through music/English.


If you are looking for

a piano teacher

an English teacher

a music school for preschool children

a songwriter/arranger

somebody to perform at your event using music and/or English

I would love to help you.


To find out about my activities, please see the photos, watch the videos, listen to the samples attached to each tab.
You could also click the top right of this page, for the past videos.

For further information, please visit Roko-P Music/English page.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me from "お問合せ" tab.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you so much!


Hiroko Miyata


In this video, I talked about what I've been doing.